Friday, October 14, 2005

oy veh!

the jews have gotten to me! nah, thats not too nice of me, but i guess i'm just not used to walking 10 blocks in the pouring rain, getting all soaking wet, and winding up at the store i really wanted to go to (and have been waiting because i've been busy and last time i tried to go it was closed), to find out that it AGAIN is closed. Damn it!! I actually am very intrigued by the Jewish culture there is in Brooklyn and the city, but I'm not used to my schedule being changed so freakin' much because of their holiday. I cant keep my life straight with a day off here, and a day of there, and then that day (you know columbus day) there is no class but because of that monday classes will be tuesday so you have monday off, do mondays schedule on tuesday and then you have wednesday and thursday off... blah blah blah... it's so damn confusing!!!

next monday things will be back to normal, i hope... except i'll still be behind in my work, and it'll still probably be raining. i hear its about 80 in CA right now.. damn them bastards.. but i think i'm STILL having more fun... in fact, i know i'm having more fun here than i would be in CA (wish the friends would xfer over though.. thats the only sucky part).

so yeah, life is good. i love NY! still need to get the hang of being back in school, and i REALLY need to pay attention to the workload i have (since i took on too much and am beginning to sink). still jobless but i think theres a good possibility i will have a job next week. i'll keep you posted wth the plusses and minuses of it!

right now it sounds as if i'm on a cruiseship and the water is banging aginst the window.. yes, its raining that hard. i'm off tomorrow to buy some galloshes or some other similar plastic boot so me feet aren't wet after walking for only 10 minutes (must get used to this weather). anyway... heres a quick list so i dont have to write a book again...
NYC... duh.. it's wonderful
school... great, just a lot to do
home... couldn't be better.. oh wait.. it could be if we lived in the city!
jenn's birthday on Sat... sweet! but it just reminds me how old I am getting
rain... SUCKS!!
potential job across from central park... awesome
possible free museum entrances throughout city... so awesome
getting to go shopping for warm coat and boots... yay
NY public library (42nd St.)... cold and hate it... but wonderful collection
Chelsea art galleries... so neat... gotta go back
Wilhelm Lehmbruck... awesome sculptor... lets find out more (paper topic!!)
Ms. Pepper... yet another new name for this rockin' chick i'm in the program with (always finding out new things about her)

NY Subway scares... can't let it ruin my life!!
CBGBs and Coyote Ugly outings this weekend... right on!!
Salty Dog.. still across the street
french reading comprehensive exam... failed... sweet! (really though, i laugh at this!!)
CLU... couldn't be better... here's to the St. Francis SoC in a pub! ;P
winter in NYC... Can't wait! give me the tree in Roceffeler and i'll be complete!
parents coming in Nov.... hurry up...!!
uh... long list... gotta stop now, really... it's not that great!

write more later, for sure! thanks for reading even though i can't keep up!


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