Sunday, October 16, 2005

chapter 1

since i've waited so long in posting anything substantial... here is a letter i just sent out to many friends and family. its a thing i used to do a lot during my travels/ education, and again, it has begun! chapter 1...

Hello everyone!

Here it is… some of you are familiar with my once in a while updates, and some of you are new to the list… in that case, congratulations! I've been meaning to write this for a while now, and finally am able to. I must apologize for having waited so long to send out this e-mail. But, of course, it really only hurts me because I have too much to say, and while you can easily scan and delete the e-mail, I have to sit here and type it all up. ;) I apologize also for not being able to write you all individually… but it's taken me long enough to have the time to sit down and do this, could you imagine how long it would take to write each and every one of you? Sorry also for the potential length as well… I will try and cut out the small talk. Ok… Where shall I begin?

After a quick trip to Boise to visit my aunt and uncle (quick as in 1 day… I wanted to get back to attend a good friend's mother's memorial service), I found myself on a plane with a one way ticket to begin a new life in the Big Apple. I just realized a few minutes ago that I have been here now for 2 months to the day. I arrived August 16th. I began school two weeks after the move, and I must say I am having a great experience. All the waiting, rejections, and GRE attempts paid off… I love NYC, my school is great, the teachers are wonderful (and very nice!), and I am really enjoying my classes. I am taking a heavy course load this semester (which I will NEVER do again!), 4 classes… Modern Art, Modern Sculpture, a course in Realism/ Impressionism/ Post-Impressionism (focusing on the art from 1850-1900), and Classical Greek Art. Exciting, huh? I love it! The only thing I do not like is that I have to once again come to face the reality of being a student… writing papers, not procrastinating, and being able to do things at the rate/quality that is expected at the graduate level. That, for me, is an education in itself… and I can honestly say that I am struggling in the process of learning to do it all.

I am still unemployed at the moment. I've sent out many resumes, had a few interviews, and in the meantime I have experienced complete… well, let's just say I was flat broke for a while! The school decided to wait until early October to release my financial aid check, and for a good month I didn't know how I was going to get by. Things are better now (I have my money in the bank), but I'm still on a very tight budget considering that even though I took out the highest loan amount possible, after tuition/ fees I only came away with about $2,000 to live on until I get my check for next semester (hopefully, but no guarantees, in February). I'm sure we can all recognize that that is not nearly enough to live on… and therefore I MUST get a job and hope it does not interfere to much with school. For the meantime I'm trying to use my free time well and enjoy myself while I can. I've had a few great opportunities, but none have gone through. This past week I had interviews with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to work in the human resources department doing payroll (which was what I've done for the past two years in Sacramento), and at the Frick Museum as a coat-checker. I think I am in the top running for the coat check position (I signed a background check waiver on Friday which indicated they were going to offer me a job), and even though it may not be an ideal job (and pays not as much as I'd like at $9.85/hr), it has many plusses. First, I'll be working in a museum. If you know me well, you'll know this is a step in the right direction career wise (I can always work my way up). Second, it is part-time and I'll most likely be working weekends which means I will have all week free to study an get my work done on campus (or at the various research libraries around the city). This position will give me a FREE pass to ALL of the New York City Museums (that's a money saver right there, as well as a great opportunity for my studies), it is a small collection housed in an old 5th Ave. mansion along Central Park so it is a very warm/upscale atmosphere, and like I just mentioned… it is right across from Central Park!! During the fall/winter I can see the weather changes, the snow, and when it becomes warmer again (if I am still working there) I can take my breaks and eat lunch on the grassy areas or the benches that line the many paths. Could I ask for anything better?!?! The Frick ( ) is further away from Rockefeller Center than the MoMA which is only a block away, but if I took a short bus ride down 5th Ave, past Trump Tower, Tiffanys, and all the other overpriced/ high fashion stores, I could be there to see/ go to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, see the Christmas Tree and ice rink (which they just set up) and enjoy my first winter in NYC. I may have an opportunity working with the diocese but I will only pursue that if there is something much better that comes up and if I do not get the job with the Frick. The only bad ting is if I do get the job, I'm going to have to work out my vacation schedule… and hope that it will allow me the time to go home for Christmas. If not (and I am really hoping it will), then I guess I will have to experience my second Christmas without the family… but I'm not going to think about that until I absolutely have to! Wish me luck!

As I said very early on… I am loving NYC. Even though I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I am constantly at awe with the environment/culture the city has to bring. I still feel after two months that I am still a tourist, and even though I've walked just about everywhere, I feel I haven't nearly seen enough. This place is wonderful, unique, beautiful, and so much more. My roommates and I wish that we had more money so that we could live in the city or in the Brooklyn Heights/ Park Slope areas of Brooklyn. But we're satisfied here for now. In short, my favorite places so far are… Central Park, 5th Ave/ Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle/Lincoln Center, East Village, Upper West side, SoHo/TriBeca, Chelsea galleries, the Met, the MoMA, and well… I'm pretty much in love with it all!!! Every day I will either see something new, or see something I that I see on a regular basis, but it will still take my breath away. I can't believe I am here. I've been given such a wonderful opportunity, and I am definitely blessed to be here. Someone is definitely watching out for me and taking care of me! While I miss California and all the wonderful people there, and while NY is not comparable on any level to CA, I am happy to be here… I may even be able to make a life out here… who knows what will happen! Weather wise… well, it rained for the past week, and it is starting to cool off. Looks like winter is just around the corner… all I need to do now is buy a warm jacket and some boots and I will be good to go!

I think I did pretty well on this letter considering how long it's been since I've sent an update. Again, I apologize to many people for not being able to write individual letters. Than you also to those who have written me and put up with my non-responses (I promise it's not intentional). My internet connection at home is horrible (we steal from a neighbor) and sometimes I am nowhere near a computer long enough to send even a quick note. This is something I need to work harder on (same with the phone calls too!). The rest is laziness, and well… we all can be lazy sometimes, no? I hope this letter finds everyone well. Feel free to drop me a line anytime… I will always try my best to respond!



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