Monday, August 22, 2005

new beginnings

Okay… I’ve finally returned! After a long hiatus from blogworld, and some friendly requests, I’ve finally decided to come back. The last few weeks have been crazy, indeed. As you can probably tell from my last entry, I’ve moved. It’s official… I now live in New York City… well, Brooklyn, actually.

Two weeks ago now, I managed to finish up everything at work, and clear my desk free of all the crap I acquired within the last two plus years. Then, I spent a good few days packing up all the crap I acquired within the last 23 years… and I left my apartment for what I thought was good on Tuesday night (thanks to my mom’s Toyota highlander which I drove for the first time and ABOLUTELY LOVED!!!). Next, a trip to Boise to see my aunt.

Okay, now I liked Boise, and I obviously love my aunt because I wouldn’t drive that far through nothingness for many other people. Yes, I mean absolute NOTHINGNESS. The drive was fine through Reno but soon after… I saw nothing but yellow grass and brown hills (at a distance)…a good 7 hours worth (and that was because I was driving super fast… thank god for speed on that trip!! Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you that I finally figured out where those half houses on trucks come from... yeah, that’s right… Idaho… I saw at least 8 complete houses pass by on the highway (that’s 16 halves). Boise reminded me a lot like Chico (which I didn’t like very much when I was there without a car, but I know deep down it was a good city). Boise, however, seemed much better. There was more to do, and the river that passed through the nice city was definitely better than the little Chico creek. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was that for miles and miles, there is nothing around it. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m not a fan of desolation. I’m a city girl… for sure! My aunts house was really nice though. Her and my uncle always treat me so good (I spent a lot of time with them when I lived in Italy because they were living in Germany at the time… my uncle is in the Air Force). Back to their house… only about 3 streets behind them lies the Oregon trail. How cool is that? I’ve always been a fan of those people who moved west and their story, and for a long time as a child I had wanted to go see the trails… and I was sooo close. It was great!!

Now, I am crazy, but I have a huge heart. I love my friends so much!! So, I drove to Boise on Wednesday, was there all day on Thursday, and drove back on Friday in order to attend a friend’s mother’s funeral. I had wanted to go so badly, and I knew if I missed it I’d regret it for a really long time, so the long drive (and the speeding ticket on the way back) was well worth it. I arrived back in Sacramento around 4pm for the service at 630 (not to forget that I won $5.00 at a small hotel casino on my gas stop in Winnemucca, NV… I just love saying that name… Winnemucca… he he). I got home late that night after the service, went to a mass in honor of my friend’s mother the next day, and then spent a majority of that day cleaning up the apartment that I had thought I left for good. No bog deal… I was happy to help my roommate help.

That whole weekend I was running around doing last minute stuff for the move (last minute packing/ shipping/ etc.)… it went by really fast. The Monday I left, I had coffee and a good talk with Jen at Starbucks, and then my friends Mary and Katie (everyone else was up in Tahoe) came with me to dinner and took me to the airport. They are great… I had a really good last night in Sac… which made me hate leaving even more. The flight was good, and I am happy and excited for me new beginning here.

NEW YORK: Arrived feeling sick from lack of food and liquid after having the large margarita at Chevy’s. Got my oversized bags on the cart okay, got a car service okay, and arrived at my apartment and was locked out. It’s a long story… I had lent my keys to a friend when he came to drop off some bags for me, and he left them here. No big deal, okay… the people he left them with were supposed to get them to my current NY roommates and never did (they had like a month to do so).. The plan was I was going to call on of these guys when I got off the plane and he would meet me at the door when I arrived. I called, his phone was off… I got here… still no answer. UGH!! What a lovely beginning, no?!?! So luckily, another friend who is working on finishing his thesis heard my message, came to find me, put my bags in his car, we went to mass together, had lunch, and I hung out at his place with his roommate (another friend) for a few hours until one of my roommates came home to let me in. I arrived in Brooklyn around 1100am and I got into my apartment around 7pm, and my bags were delivered to me around 8pm. ;P Had dinner at Nathan’s (famous hot dog place), got ice cream, and watched a movie together. It actually turned out to be a very nice evening!

I don’t want to write a novel, so I will keep it short and fill you in later. I’ve been waiting in my apartment until about 200pm every day for my boxes to arrive. I’ve received 6 from my first set of 8, and my next set of about 7 should start coming in tomorrow sometime. Never an early day for me so far... I just want them to come and I will be happy. Been to SoHo/ NoHo twice just wandering the streets, wandered through the villages, up towards Broadway, checked out where the Letterman theater was (I know it’s not called that) and fund the Happy Deli (you know, Rupert’s deli around the corner from Letterman? I’ll be going back to buy a T-Shirt for Katie when it is open, for sure!!). Saturday my roommates and I checked out the Met, watched a movie. Sunday was pretty laid back as well… mass, brunch, movies, Target, and back home. Today I got up, sent off the check for my speeding ticket (walked about 15 blocks), came back, waited for packages... nothing arrived. Had lunch, experimented with the bus routes to school, got my student I.D (so I can actually enter campus), walked 20+ blocks from the bus stop home so I could see what else was around me, ate dinner, went to keep my friends company while they had dinner at a restaurant, called some friends while going on a nice evening walk around my apt., and here I am…. Updating my blog for you all who read it!!

Tomorrow, I have graduate orientation in the evening, and that’s it. Later this week, I will go to Ikea to look for a bed, and maybe hit up another museum or so or maybe check out the Lincoln center?). There’s a lot to do, I’m not worried. I am loving NY so far. I miss my friends, and the comforts of California, but I love walking places, I love the city, and I also love the people I know here. God definitely is taking care of me!

Here’s to a new life! School starts next Monday.

Veni Sanctus Spiritus, Veni per Mariam

p.s... Rude Cactus and Fish... congrats on your new baby girl, Mia! I've been following along, looking at your pictures and reading your experiences. I am so happy for you guys!


At 9:43 AM EDT, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Welcome back...and thank you for the kind wishes :-)

At 8:09 PM EDT, Blogger Deep Furrows said...

not unlike my arrival in New York years ago. You have my sympathy . . .

At 11:13 PM EDT, Anonymous Zandria said...

I can't wait to hear more about your experiences living in NYC. I'm glad you arrived safely. :)

At 9:01 PM EDT, Blogger Original Matt said...

I totally am sorry for the whole key thing!!! And it was two weeks before you arrived...BTW, did Jon's dumb ass ever bring the right keys back, since the keys he took with him were yours and not Fedi's????? OH, by the way...I am the one who left the keys!!! shit!

At 1:29 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's to your new life (imagine me with a glass of wine as I sayu "cheers").
I am extremely happy for you!
You are such a sign for me, Laura!



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