Thursday, June 09, 2005

Whenever I do little quizzes like this one (and i do them quite a bit), I am always curious to what the outcome will be, and if that outcome will be right. Most of the time it's pretty darn close, others... far far from who I really am. An example of this? Well, I did a Victoria Secret model one (hehe... wishful thinking, huh?) but I was expecting at least to get someone with dark hair and white skin (which resembles me the most), I got the dark hair but do you really wanna know who I resemble most? I believe it was Tyra Banks. I could be wrong, but I am so far from being black, it's not even funny! I mean, that's like calling a grape a watermelon. I might just have to do that quiz over again to see if it gives me Tyra again!

Anyway... this one below seemed pretty freakin' accurate! ;)

Your travel type: Travel Yup

The Travel Yup likes exotic and adventurous travel, but prefers big cities with fast paced life. He has a keen interest in other cultures and always brings home a few souvenirs.

Shopping in Bangkok, getting a tailor made suite in Kuala Lumpur, that's the kind of thing the Travel Yup is into. Even though he likes to get away, he prefers his travels to be comfortable.

top destinations:

New York

stay away from:

North Korea
Ciudad Perdida
Darien Gap
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