Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So, I think I did something wrong! I tried going to the gym after work last night (that is, after my second job which ends at 1030pm). Late nights usually aren't a problem for me, but when I have to get up and be at work at 730 the next day, it becomes a MAJOR problem. 3 days a week is better than none, I guess, so I decided to try it. I went straight from work and after I got there, I realized I didn't have my running shoes. DAMN! It's ok though, I was wearing my puma's (the green ones!) and I figure those were much better than having nothing at all... so on to the treadmill I went. A little more that I had forgotten was remembering that I am just getting over a cold, and therefore something else that was running besides me was my nose, and the cough that I still do have... oh... that was pleasant. I did a very short 5 minute run... 2.5 jogging and the other 2.5 sprinting. I would've done more, but I was already tired from the long day, and I just really wanted to go home and sleep. Hey, at least I went... I'll have to figure something better out... oh and remember my shoes. But here's where the problem lies... I got home and I COULDN"T FALL ASLEEP. I knew that was going to happen, but I thought I'd try something new and listen to my friends and maybe something would be different... maybe I'd magically be more awake in the morning and refreshed... WRONG!!! So, you ask... why don't I just go in the mornings? Well... tried that... no matter what I do and how early I go to bed, I have a problem with getting out of bed before a certain time. I've tried it... I've tried almost everything... setting my alarm early, putting it all the way across the room, everything. If I dont have to be up, I won't get up (it's like there's a force keeping me in bed and taking away all thought until the clock reads a certain hour)... as it is I only leave myself 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. It's not like I want that... sure, I'd love to get up and make a cup of coffee and take time picking out my clothes, and watching the morning news, and maybe cook breakfast, but it doesn't work for me. So, what can I do.... I am SO INCREDIBLY TIRED this morning, but I want to work out, I like working out, and I need to work out... but ugh... if I'm always going to be this tired, is it really worth it?!?!?! I get to leave my second job in 2 weeks, so at least that will help (I'm not quitting, and I'm not being fired... it's just that the project I'm working on will be over and everyone gets to leave until another comes along). So, Anyway... for now I just want a bed!


At 11:29 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm the same way -- no working out in the mornings for me no matter how hard i try.

-the other laura d

At 9:21 AM EDT, Blogger Beth Fish said...

I managed the morning thing for about 8 months, but then I got out of the habit and found it impossible to get back into it. You might adjust to going late so that it won't keep you awake.

At 12:54 PM EDT, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Beth's right - I don't know how she did it but she did it really consistently. Now, get some rest!!


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