Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ode to Mayela

So... my friend Mayela is the BESTEST! I just read her blogie blog... (i'll get over it, but what is with my crazy way of speaking this morning?!?!...whatever!) which she has done a way better job than I on, by the way, and I just have to come away with the ultimate love for this girl.
She's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Now, I hardly ever talk to her (even though I probably should), and when we actully do see eachother (like once or twice a year on a vacation), we don't really even talk then... go figure!! (but then again I don't talk all that much, so that doesn't help!) A hug here, a hug there, the classic "take care of yourself". But you know when you see something great in someone, and everytime you hear about this person, you just want to smile because they are great (which happens with a lot of people, ... yeah), but one in particular is Mayela... GREAT! A very good friend, who, by the way, was the first to laugh at my stupid early-80's cellular telephone joke in the NYC subway (you had to be there!!). Christ radiates through her! I pitty the person who can't see how wonderful she is! So, Mayela... if you ever do actually read this... You're great! Thank you for always being able to make me happy!


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