Thursday, June 23, 2005

more up to date info...

okay.. and now, this is what i'm up to...

working 2 jobs... yeah, you heard me.. two! 730 am to 430 pm and then 530 pm to 1030 pm M-F. so, needless to say i'm very busy (even though i dont have much to do at my day job). My expected last day here is Aug 5th, and then I go to NY!!1 I am getting really excited, and hoping thigs will work out. I might not take my road trip... it all depends on if my roomie can go with me. we'll see what time brings! what else... oh.. new favorites... green tea, spinach salad with dill-ranch (whatever it's called) at La Bou, popcorn (an old favorite, but craving it a lot lately), Y&R,, and.. um... let's just leave it at that!


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