Monday, May 23, 2005

i'm sorry!

To all those who actually do visit my site~

I am sorry! I'm very sorry for my increased laziness and for my lack of communication to all who have showed interest. I've been fine. I don't have a good reason for my neglect... it's just that I wanted to write something really good about my trip to NYC and I just never felt the creativity... but here's something now.

My trip was good. I saw my new apartment which is really awesome. My roomate did an excellent job at furnishing it, and I really am excited to be able to move into it in August when I get to New York. The place is close to most of my NY friends, and it is across the street from a Starbucks, as well as a restaraunt where firemen seem to eat lunch at on a daily basis... I got lucky too because though my room is tiny, my window looks right out onto the street!

the living room... to the right is our kitchen and a bedroom, to the left two other bedrooms.

My room... actual size! This will be fun to furnish!

As for the city, I walked around a lot, and after the first day of walking though pouring rain,it became sunny and we took a stroll through lower Manhattan... SoHo, NoHo, Little Italy, The Village... and I learned all the in's and outs about what these "nicknames" mean... SoHo (South of Houston Street), NoHo (North of Houston), NoLiTa (North of Little Italy), TriBeca (Triangle below Canal streets). Now, i'm pretty excited about knowing this stuff...
The second day, I developed really bad blisters (even with my good shoes).. so i walked aorund in pain, and I managed to get lost in China town (which I never want to do again) and make my way up towards the Upper East Side to pick a friend up from work. However, I managed to walk right past the Chrystler Building and not even notice it... funny! I really didn't care at that point. I wanted to see stuff, but at the same time I really didn't care... i did not want to be walking. I can't wait to move there so I can explore much more.

What else??? Oh, I got a second job for the summer. I figured I could use a little extra money and that since I dont do anything after I get home from work, it would be a good use of free time. It pays $10.50 and hour, five days a week for five hours a night. good right? well, yeah, and I'm excited... but remember, I also work a full time day job. This means that I will be working from 730am-430pm and then 530pm-1030am. My social life, I would say, is over beginning June 6th when I start this crazy schedule.

On Friday my friends and I are going on a Vacation to Utah! It is the 2005 national CLU
(Communion and Liberation- University) vacation where many students from around the country... NY, Boston, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, CA, etc... come. It is always a whole lot of fun. The setting this year is at Zion Canyon, in the south of Utah. We will meet up in Las Vegas, and take a side trip to the Grand Canyon, among other fun activities including games with a soapy tarp. The soapy tarp is a must! ;) Last year we had it at Yosemite, and the years before it was in New York. I am really excited to see all of my friends. This just means that I will be once again inactive for another week... I get back on the 2nd.

The Graduate!!

My roomate graduated on Saturday... go her! She's worked hard for the past (i think 7) years. AND, she is the first of her family to receive a bachelors degree... another great accomplishment! I can't even say that... I mean... I was the first between my sister and I, but my parents both have degrees so it doesn't count. She had a nice outdoor ceremony and then we had a party afterwards. Everything was nice! I'm very proud!

oh... and to rudecactus and SoTheFishSaid... Welcome back from vacation... us workers missed you! ;)


At 7:56 AM EDT, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Thank you!!! Its nice to be back...although I'm not happy about the work thing ;-)


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