Thursday, April 28, 2005

Waste of Time?

So... in order for me to be able to register for classes for the Fall, I need to fill out a bit of paperwork, you know, stating that I will attend, and that I understand that I will be charged out- of- state tuition... but also informing the school that I am healthy and up to date with all of my shots (which I am). So was it worth it to be on hold for 10 minutes to get an appointment, drive all the way down to the doctors office, pay .50 cents for parking, pay another $35.00 as my co-pay, have to tell the lady at the desk that just because the guy I named as my emergency contact happens to have the same last name as me, it doesn't mean he's my husband but my father, again have to correct her because they were billing me again under my parents insurance instead of my own (like I said... having the same last name doesn't mean a thing!!), wait 10 minutes to actually see the doctor, have to be weighed (ugh!), get my blood pressure taken (at this point it was high anyway from all the stress they already put me through), just so the doctor could come in, read the shot record that I provided (it's a new doctor, so my file at their office is tiny), and sign a piece of paper stating that I indeed HAVE recieved all of my shots?!?!?!

now really... was all of that necessary?!?!?! I think not... but at least I can now register with no "medical" problems stopping me!


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