Monday, April 11, 2005

One of the best bands, if not the best!!!

I knew I loved Bono, but it takes at least one concert to realize exactly how much!

Yesterday I went to my first ever U2 concert. Must I say it was amazing?!?! My friends and I drove from Sacramento to San Jose to spend the day at another friends house, and then go to the concert together. I had such a great time.

This man pictured above, Bono, is amazing. He is not afraid to speak out on injustice, poverty, religion in fear of losing fans. He does not conform to others beliefs, but he holds strong to his own identity and lives that within his music, within his career. This is what the world needs... more Bono!

During the beginning of the show, Bono told the story about when he went to visit Pope John Paul II, and that while together, the Pope told Bono that he wanted his glasses... so of course Bono gave them to him, and in return the Pope gave him a white rosary... which he then held up for all of us to see... (and then he later closed the show by hanging it solo on the microphone). Beautiful! He then dedicated the song 'Miracle Drug' to all those who were sick, and dying. "Of science and the human heart- There is no limit- There is no failure here sweetheart- just when you quit... I am you and you are mine- Love makes nonsense of space- And time... will dissapear- Love and logic keep us clear- Reason is on our side, love...". Miracle Drug is one of my favorite songs on the Vertigo album, along with 'City of Blinding Lights' and 'Yahweh'. The tribute made tears come to my eyes. Sounds sort of stupid, I know, but the whole stadium became so quiet and attentive to what Bono was saying, and everything was just so awesome... the ambiance (I dont have any better word), the fact that I was there... with my friends, and that this beautiful tribute was being made... to a man whom I also greatly respect. I could've stayed at that venue all week just listening to him play and sing. Unfortunately, they stopped after about 2 hours of playing.

I love that man... I want to go to another concert... it was just so awesome... and even though we were sitting behind the stage, I think that we had better seats than some of the people who were sitting and standing in front of the round stage. I could see his face so clearly. U2 rocks!


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