Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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I'm back, and trying to survive!!

My friends and I always go out on Friday nights, and this week we decided to have an ice cream at Coldstones after dinner. There were 5 of us sitting around a small two person table talking about things... Pope Benedict XVI, Graduation (for some of my friends, this is a very important occasion!!), etc... when the topic of 'Blogs' came up. Jokingly, under my breath, I mentioned to them that I have a blog (I had only told one person... because at one point in time, I felt ashamed that I actually owned a blog. Now, I know differently...) So anyway... they laughed, and then slowly began to realize that I wasn't joking. They laughed some more... and this time I was laughing with them because they were so stunned and had completley no idea. It was like I had a secret life they didn't know about, and I was finally sharing it with them. My good friend Matt still didn't believe me... obviously he missed the point where I told everyone that I was serious. No big deal though. What I find to be even funnier, was that he went home that night and created his own. Original Matthew it is called, and you should really check it out! ;) He's working on figuring how things work, but so am I, so please be patient.

So that's that! My friends and I travelled down to Santa Barbara this weekend to hang out with our friend Jennifer who goes to Brooks Institute of Photography. It was actually for another Jenn's party. My future roomate in NY graduated, and we went to help celebrate. While there, I also went to visit my grandfather's grave. I have never met the guy, he died before I was born, but something inside of me just wanted to go see it... after all, if it wasn't for him, my dad would not be here, and neither would I. It was nice, I cleaned the dead grass off of it, and payed my respects. All in all this weekend, I had a great time. On the way home we stopped in Solvang, a small Dutch village on the 101. It was one of those things that you pass so often that your interest gets peaked, and finally you just have to cave and go see what it is all about. It was actually really cool... reminded me a lot of Germany with the small colorful buildings. It was just like we were transported into a different world. We also stopped in San Luis Obispo (we'd never been there either), and finally continued on our way back home to Sacramento. It was a long drive, but it wasn't too bad.

So, now I am actually home sick. I left work early because I was getting the chills. While all my co-workers were wearing short sleeves and sandals, I was in my sweatshirt freezing like I was sitting naked in the snow. Well, not quite.. but I was cold. My dad (he's my semi-boss)told me to go home, and I couldn't complain, so I did. I do not get sick that often, but when I do, I feel miserable. I hope I get better soon because I am flying to NY this weekend to catch up on some stuff regarding graduate school and our new apartment in Bay Ridge.

That in itself is a story. After struggling to pursuade the landlord that just because we are three girls who happen to know eachother and are picking up and moving from CA to NY, we are responsible and serious about our move, we FINALLY got the apartment. Seriously though... this guy didn't trust us... we had guarrantors, two of my roomates have good jobs, and I currently have a job and am going to grad school in the Fall... we didn't see any reason why he didn't want us to have this place. Plus, he had kept us waiting for two weeks to make a decision, and by the end of this month if one hadn't been made, my two roomates would have been homeless. The apartment is supposed to be a beauty. My friend Michelle is picking up the keys tonight and signing the lease and it is ours. It is a 3 bedroom on the third story above a store. Wood floors, lots of windows and storage space, recenty remoddled and rand new appliances in the kitchen. It is close to many friends, and we also might get the roof access.... hooray! Last night when we were actually supposed to get the key, we ran into a problem regarding a dog. We have a dog, and even though the advertisement listed dogs welcome, and even thought the person who showed the apartment said dogs were welcome.. they really weren't and we almost lost it. Jenn decided to just keep her dog at home for the year... so it is definitely our apartment. Thanks Jenn...we owe you BIG time!! We weren't going to make her leave her dog, we were in process of looking for another place, but she decided to just do that, and so we are all happy that the stress of finding and getting THIS apartment is done! SO, this weekend when I visit, I get to stay in my very own apartment... it's almost like a vacation home!!!

So that's it.. I better get some more rest so I feel better by the time I leave on Friday. It's not fn flying when you can't breathe normally!!


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Whoa, NY landlords...good luck with that! Feel better and drink lots of green tea!


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