Friday, April 08, 2005


ok, so I am insane. I knew I was, but I always have to prove it to myself. That is why last night I stayed awake to watch the funeral service for the great Pope John Paul II. Well, I stayed awake for most of it... all but the last 40 minutes or so... that was when I fell asleep on the couch (with three alarms surrounding me) so I could wake up and be at work by 7. For all you non-mathematicians... that is only about 3 hour later So, needless to say, I am not all with it today.. a bit tired (ok.. so a lot tired), I have a tiny headache, and I think that I may just be asleep in an hour. I thought I missed those all-nighters that I had in college working on an assignment I procrastinated on only to get it finished 20 minutes before class, but I really don't. I love sleeping! Oh and back to the insane part... I knew my mom was going to tape it for me, so why did I stay up? I'm telling you, something is seriously wrong with me.

The funeral was beautiful though... it was really good to see that there are so many people who believe in the same thing I believe in. It is a part of history... our history... and what a great man Pope John Paul II was... to live with this "yes" in front of Christ. WOW!

I am looking forward to this weekend... why you ask? Well, a good friend is flying in from Chicago to visit, but also to come to the U2 concert with us in San Jose. Yeah, that's right.... 16 of us... going to U2... I am so excited! I missed the last tour because that was the year I went to Italy. My friends went without me. But now...!!!!

I'm sorry I'm not putting many pictures up anymore. I want to, but I'm always looking for just the right ones... and sometimes I just dont want to deal with them!

oh... I've decided on Brooklyn College... and I'm working on getting a place to live in Bay Ridge with some friends, and near some friends. Fun stuff!

check out for some cool posts about the Pope and transcripts from a good friend's (Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete) CNN interview.


At 2:06 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just happened across your blog, and noticed the CL references. I'll have to visit again.

JACK of Integrity

BTW, I noticed the reference below to the Way of the Cross. I've posted some pictures of the Way of the Cross CL did in Chicago, if you are interested.


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