Thursday, April 28, 2005

an e-mail i sent today...

so, obviously I have plenty of time on my hands due to the amount of posts i've made today. however, funny how also it's been a semi- busy day already, and I've done a lot more today than I have in the past 3 days! anyway... here is a funny story i'd like to share with you fuys.. it's an e-mail I wrote my two friends who help my get through the day by e-mailing one another... (but it actually happened)...

So I’m walking out of my office to get some of the project managers to code extra invoices that came in today and I FELL!!

Aha… no j/k… but wouldn’t that be funny?!?!?!

Really though… I was walking out and I heard this gigantious belch… and then someone said “excuse me”. I thought it was my boss’s son, Rob (who’s like in his 30’s), and I almost turned around and said something like “oh, come’ on!!!”, and then I heard it again.,.. even louder… so I thought.. here’s my chance.. hehe.. funny me!… and when I turned around (and thank god I did!), I noticed it wasn’t my boss’ son, but it was my BOSS!!! Aaaggghhhh! Thank God I didn’t say something! I would’ve been red like a cherry… how inappropriate! ;) *deep breath, deep breath* that was a close one!


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