Thursday, April 28, 2005

Administrative Proffessional

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day... who would've thunk'it? Not I! Oh, but wait... I don't even consider myself an administrative professional, but I guess that is what I am... I do administrative work, and well, I guess I could be considered a professional...

Nothing special happened around my workplace for this "special" day. I'm not sad... in fact, I was sort of happy to not have someone celebrate me for being in this job that I just sort of got stuck in while waiting to to get into graduate school. Last year my boss took us to the Sutter Club, a social club that was established in 1889 right across from the state capitol for men to go eat, smoke cigars, pipes, talk, and do whatever men do. Anyway, it was a nice lunch with awesome wine, in a room that reminded me a lot like a 15th century Florentine palace dining room. I guess I celebrated too early because, well, even though we didn't get anything special yesterday, he's going to take us there again this year. While I squirm at the fact that I will be sitting uncomfortably at a table with two other co-workers (he takes us out in threes) and my boss, I am a little excited too. Maybe this year will be a lot more comfortable than the last... after all, I'll have more to talk about than I did last year, and I know these people better. Oh.. and the wine... yum... my boss isn't one to go cheap... he knows what he likes and he buys it, and we do not suffer! ;) I'll let you know about it next week when we go.

So, I guess I should say happy belated Admin. Professionals Day to those others who are Admin. Professionals... I don't see anything really special in this day, though, except that there is a day to celebrate me and what I do. I guess that is good enough, no??


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