Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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okay... i knew i'd get tired of this eventually, but i never imagined it to only last a week. not that i am tired of reading blogs, etc., but i dont always have anything fun to say, or really, anything at all so i have a problem posting to mine. i think this is a little funny because i get upset at other people who do not provide new information on a daily basis. i am such a hypocrite, especially because i post at the end of the day instead of the beginning making everyone wait a whole extra day to read my new addition. so, to all of those who, for some reason, have saved my page to their favorites, or whatever, i must say i am sorry... i am just too boring.

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss ...Egon Schiele, Self Portrait ...Gustav Klimt, Mother and Child

i am currently working on a scrapbook from the year i lived in Italy and traveled throughout other European countries. It has taken me forever to begin, and it seems like whenever i do i need to stop for something, and it takes a while to begin working on it again. i came back almost 3 years ago, and have had my pictures in a box ever since. i don't know what's better... a box or multiple albums and scrapbooks. anyway, last night i re-visited austria and remembered how much i love that country. it is so beautiful, and there is a lot of great art there (klimt and schiele, for example). by the way, i study art history, so this is important for me. i enjoy working on my scrapbook because it is almost like i am revisiting the museums that i've been to through all the postcards i've collected. These aren't just ordinary postcards, but the art ones. instead of buying a really expensive book and carrying it around in your travel backpack, postcards are the way to go... they're cheaper and lighter, and i have tons of them!!! this project is going to take a really long time. tonight i get to finish vienna and then begin to work on budapest and prague. have you ever been there? those are two really beautiful eastern european cities... i suggest going.

thinking about travel... (one of my favorite things to do)... i should really begin talking more about it. maybe... i'll think about it! maybe i'll tel you more about my year on later days.

congrats to RudeCactus and his baby on the way... i'm still waiting to find out whether its a boy or a girl. like it's any of my business... i dont know them, they dont know me... but it's exciting and the info should be posted by tomorrow for sure... i hope (the family needs to know first... i understand!) i predict a boy, but aparently 55% predicted a girl. like i said, i dont know them, so my prediction really is just coming out of nowhere.



At 7:38 PM EST, Blogger Maura said...

Hi there -- I tried to stop by here the other day, but I think Blogger was having fits and wouldn't let me leave a comment.

Glad you stopped by my site. And it does get easier, in my opinion, to come up with stuff to post about as you go along. :-)


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