Monday, March 21, 2005

A new beginning

Rubens, The raising of the Cross, 1620-1621, Louvre

A new morning, a new day, a new week. A chance for a new beginning! Here's what i did this weekend (besides not sleep)...

Saturday: went to visit a friends work... a slaughterhouse. interesting, but surprisingly very clean and sane (it caters to the Muslim faith, so things are on a certain level of cleanliness... and we only saw goats... i was afraid at first, but i got my own little anatomy lesson. i am glad i went, it was an experience). it was raining so my friends came over to my parents place (i was house-sitting) and we did the classic rainy-day activities together there.. movie, food, tv, play games, etc.

Sunday: insanely woke up at 730 and couldn't go back to sleep. palm sunday mass at 10 (they ran out of palms so i didn't get one), brunch at Denny's, charitable work at a elderly care center (there's some really cool people there), coffee with friends, home for comedy night (Jeff Foxworthy's Roast and Eddy Izzard) and bed.

things i've discovered: FEED Terri!! it's not a damn breathing tube for heaven's sake... let her eat! if she can smile, she's there... God Bless!; even though i'm currently winning the office pool, certain NCAA teams were really dissapointing; pancakes are just as good as i remember them to be.

things others have finally discovered: (current article in March 21, 2005 issue of TIME that I still need to read) Mary, Mother of Jesus, is an important in the Christian faith.
Things I look forward to (no specific order): vacation with nationwide friends in May, acceptance into a graduate program, Holy Week.


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