Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's about time!

It's official! 15 applications, 4 GRE's, 5 GRE books, one long GRE class, 12 teacher recommendations, 30 copies of transcripts, more than 10 versions of a personal statement, 13 trips to the Post office, a year of unpleasant work that I wasn't planning on doing, MANY trips to the mailbox, many drinks of dissapointment, many words of encouragmeent, many moments of wondering what I was going to do, many moments of worrying, many congratulations on working hard, many prayers, a lot of support from friends, and much much more...

I have officially been accepted into the Art History Graduate Program at Brooklyn College! And get this... they were very impressed by my application! Go me!! All I have to do is get a B+ or better in my first three classes, and I'm good to go! That shouldn't be a problem, but then again, I have been out of practice for a little over a year now... we'll see... I'm not afraid!

I am still waiting to hear back from two more schools... Queens College and Cal. State Northridge, but I am just happy that finally someone appreciates my hard work and effort and realizes that, yes, I can be a good candidate for a MA degree in Art History. This also means that I may be packing up my bags, and taking a long awaited road trip cross- country to NY where I will begin my new life and career. Let's see what happens!

Hooray for the possibilities! Hooray for life! Hooray for happiness! Hooray for me! Hooray for not ever giving up and following dreams! Isn't God Great?!?!


At 4:31 PM EST, Blogger ammmmmanda said...

Congratulations! I am Amanda at LeftMe. I have an Art History undergrad, and ended up moving into architectural history.

The Art History explains the Art links.

At 4:33 PM EST, Blogger ammmmmanda said...

Oh wait, do you have a subject area? And is a proficiency test required for two languages? That was the main thing that scared me about the MA degrees.


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