Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Brooklyn or Queens? Brooklyn or Queens? HHMMM??? I can't decide. Can anyone help me? I'm going insane!


At 3:08 PM EST, Blogger Design Ministry said...

Ok, I'm just now catching on to the fact you have a blog! I suddenly to do not feel so alone in the blogging world!

I love the art pics - keep it up!

At 7:23 PM EST, Anonymous laurad2 said...

it's one of my few hidden secrets! ;)

At 12:48 PM EDT, Blogger Gothamimage said...

Brooklyn - seems to make sense.

At 10:54 AM EDT, Anonymous vince said...

Laura, Brooklyn College has a better reputation academically than Queens College, and is more respected in NYC. Brooklyn College has been consistenlty voted, for undergraduate anyway, one of the best buys in the entire country. Have you visited the schools? I'm thinking you'd like the Brooklyn location and campus better too.


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