Monday, March 14, 2005

black and blue

sorry... no picture today... but you will get plenty of them another time. pictures convey so many emotions and feelings and they are just nice to look at. i had a great weekend in Tahoe... the weather was beautiful... warm, but beautiful. it could have been much worse, and i am glad it wasn't. the sledding was fun... however i cut two of my knuckles on the first ride down and they stung so bad from the ice cold that i decided not to go down again... yeah, i know... wimp! its okay... i wasn't sad... one of my friends tore up her arms trying to stop and another... well, lets just say he cant sit down properly at the moment. he was using a really cool old school sled and gained air many times going over the bumps... but i guess when you land with a wood sled on hard ground, something has to get messed up. me.. luckily i came away with only cut knucles, a bruise on my knee the size of a tennis ball, and an aching upper back. i'll get over it! we had an awesome snowball fight... and race... someone got buried in the snow (that was part of the race), and then we had lunch overlooking the lake. like i said... it was so beautiful (the picture from my last post says it all!)!

i am still waiting to hear back from grad schools... patience is key! also... i am going in on my office's NCAA bracket and know nothing about the teams... it will be awesome if i win.. but i really dont think i will.


At 10:33 AM EST, Blogger vince millay said...

Where else did you apply other than Brooklyn College and Queens College? Yours truly was once a Ph.D. candidate in Art History at Ohio State...permanent ABD, did everything but write the dissertation, including exams and dissertation research.

Are you looking at a terminal master's program or eventual Ph.D. work? Is there a period you're particularly interested in (I specialized in Northern Renaissance, with minors in Italian Renaissance and Medieval).

Just curious.

I'm waiting to hear right now on a grad program I applied to at Pratt in Library Sciences. The waiting is killing me.

At 9:27 PM EST, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Good luck with the grad schools...AND the brackets. I know nothing either yet I fill out those sheets every year!


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