Wednesday, March 16, 2005

20th Anniversary

tomorrow is my office's 20th anniversary... YAY! well, sort of... i mean... yay that it didn't go bankrup a long time ago, and yay that my dad was able to keep his job and yay that i was able to get a job after i graduated from college, and yay that we are doing good. and actually, the date was really last week, but we had to postpone the celebration because the boss was out (how nice of us, right?!) i knew that my dad had been here for a large part of my life... i mean, i dont exactly remember what else he did when i was a baby, but this company began when i was only three years old and it has been the only company i knew... most of the same people are here too which makes it a little awkward because of those days where i used to come in and sleep under my dads desk... or for all the stories they've herd about my childhood. so anyway, we are going to have a potluck tomorrow.. st. patty's day... that's a good way to celebrate it... i just have to figure out if i can make my pasta salad green without being disgusting... or if i just want to make it the "normal" colors. hmm?? that's what i'll be doing tonight!

i've picked my NCAA picks! now that i have, i will be a lunatic following the scores of every game, even though i could've cared less before. thats not so bad though... i like basketball. i used to play it and follow the NBA, but i gave that up when life got busy and i concentrated more on other things... also when i went from a pretty decent starter/2nd string spot to a full-time bench warmer. so, lets see if i picked the right ones... ;) and in case all y'all are wondering... i think it will be Illinois and Duke in the end with a wind by Illinois. but remember, this is only a guess from absolutely no knowledge of recent college basketball history. and a few other teams i'm rooting for are Wake Forest, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas and Utah... oh, and Georgia tech (i've heard good things about them!)

my last and final grad. application went in the mail today.. horray for me! it was complete and i've been carrying it around for two weeks now. it's about time i let it go.

just remember... the week is almost over!!!!


At 7:39 PM EST, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

So, I did my picks today too (plucked out of a hat) and I landed Georgia Tech and Duke. I know nothing about college ball but I do know enough to know that those are good!


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